Changelog Admin-Menu-Manager

* -> Security Fix
# -> Bug Fix
+ -> Addition
^ -> Change
- -> Removed
! -> Note

Admin-Menu-Manager 2.2.2

# fixed small ACL issue when linking to category manager
# small strict error on import page fixed
# fix small bug in usergroup filter on page 'users'
~ export-import script
~ few layout nicefications

Admin-Menu-Manager 2.2.1

+ works with PHP in strict modus

Admin-Menu-Manager 2.2.0

+ multi-language menu-items
+ workaround to prevent ACL manager destroying menu layout
# small bug fixed in reordering menuitems

Admin-Menu-Manager 2.1.0

+ responsive admin menu in Joomla 3!
+ PHP 5.4 ready
+ dropdown arrow with top level text-separators in Isis template j3 (thanks David)
# fixed bug in exporting menu-items order
+ icons for text-separators
+ when reordering menuitems in Joomla 3, lock and hide submenus when drop and drag (thanks Steevo)
~ completely rebuild CSS for the Isis template
~ Hungarian translation updated (thank you Kovács)
+ link to logout in Joomla 3
# joomla 3 hathor template background repeat
+ in configuration the option for menu-items to inherit access from other groups or not
+ menuitems filter on parent item

Admin-Menu-Manager 2.0.0

+ joomla 3
+ works with the Joomla extensions updater
# bug fixed when used together with Access-Manager to set menu-item viewing rights per usergroup

Admin-Menu-Manager 1.3.0

+ import menu-items from Joomla admin menu
+ import menu-items from texarea or file (.csv and .txt)
+ export menu-items to texarea or file (.csv and .txt)
+ batch assign menu-items to access level/group
+ batch move menu-items
+ menu module style 'auto' (=default)
+ module uninstall

Admin-Menu-Manager 1.2.0

~ new icon (was about time)
+ menu-item type 'text separator'
+ menu-item type 'line'
+ menu-item access is now optional
~ code cleanup
+ users export to csv file
+ compatibility with Rockettheme's administrator template 'mission control'
+ menu ordering

Admin-Menu-Manager 1.1.0

# bug fixed with dropdowns not falling over Joomla menu
# bug fixed in saving new menuitem nested
# bug fixed in installer
+ menuitem reorder buttons
+ disable menu when in edit mode
+ menu module style for hathor template
+ optional extra css code per menu module instance
+ dynamic link to 'my profile'
+ dynamic link to 'logout'
+ publish module at first install
+ default menuitems at first install
+ set default access level for new menuitems in configuration
~ improved translations
+ menuitem(s) copy and save-as-copy
+ menu(s) copy and save-as-copy
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