Subscriptions and paid content

Now you can offer paid content on your site. With these Joomla payment extensions you can assign a user to a group when payment is made.

  • Akeeba subscriptions (very much recommended)
  • AEC
  • Payplans (not recommended)
  • Tienda

Akeeba Subscriptions

We highly recommend Akeeba Subscriptions because it is easyest to configure, works well and is very much compatible with all kinds of other Joomla 3rd party extensions. Besides that, it is totally free.

The Frontend-User-Access plugin is integrated in the Akeeba Subscriptions component (from Subscriptions version 2.5.2), so nothing needs to be installed. Configuration is in the plugin manager.


With the FUA-plugin (integrated in the AEC-core package) you can connect your FUA-usergroups to AEC-subscriptions!

For help and support for component AEC please go to

If you experience any problems in AEC with the FUA MI, please read these posts on the forum.


With this Payplans plugin you can configure a user to be assigned to any FUA-group(s) on a number of events.

compatible with Joomla 2.5

Compatible to version 2.3 and up (until they change the framework again).

compatible with Joomla 2.5  compat 15_native

compatible up to Payplans 2.1.7. 

Once you configured and tested the access you want, you can start configuring Payplans. 

  1. Go to 'components' > 'payplans' > 'apps'
  2. click 'new' and select 'frontend-user-access'
  3. For each action in Payplans you should create an instance of an app. In each app you can select subscription(s) and action and select to which FUA usergroups the user should be assigned to when that action happens. When the user is assigned to a different FUA usergroup, the user gets different rights to the viewing of content.


With the FUA plugin for Tienda you can assign a user to FUA-group(s) ONLY when the order is changed to status 'Payment Received'. Tienda does not have adminpages for these kind of processors, which limits functionality somewhat.

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