Update instructions

General update instructions

Instructions for updating from Frontend-User-Access version 3.0.0 or lower read here.

For all other versions:

  1. Download the component.
    free- and trial-version
  2. Install the component over the old component (no need to uninstall first).
    This will also install the Frontend-User-Access plugins ('system' and 'user', and for Joomla 1.5 also 'content'-plugin)

If you get an install error, there is probably a right issue with the files and folders. In that case, try installing with the FTP-layer enabled. Or your firewall or virusscanner has corrupted your download.

If you are updating from free- to trial-version, or trial- to pro-version, just install the new version over the old version.

All configuration and settings will remain in the database.

from any version to latest version 3 (joomla 1.5)

Please read carefully.

As FUA has been rebuild into the MVC model, there is no patch available for updating. We are sorry this is such a elaborate update.

You will have to install the new component/plugins/module, recreate your configuration (not access data, which will remain in the database), and uninstall the old component/plugins/modules.


  1. Install the new version 3 extensions:
    - component
    - system plugin
    - content plugin
    - user plugin (pro-version only)
    - menu module (pro-version only)
  2. Open in the admin in the OLD version of FUA the configuration page.
  3. Open in another browser-tab in the NEW version of FUA the configuration page.
  4. Recreate your configuration-settings in the new version. We are really sorry for this extra work. From now on all configuration will be stored in the database and you will never have to do this again.
  5. Go in the new version to the module-access page. Read the instructions carefully.
    If you where not using module access restriction, go to 8.
  6. Recreate the module-access-settings.
  7. Uninstall the old frontend-user-access-module.
  8. Go back to the module-access page and click the button to delete the old module-settings-table.
  9. Uninstall the old FUA plugins.
  10. Enable the new FUA plugins.
  11. If you where using the menu-module, recreate the settings in the new menu module.
  12. Uninstall the old menu-module.
  13. Enable the new menu-module.
  14. Uninstall the old component.
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