Installation / update

Error: 'Could not create directory, Warning! Failed to move file'

Check your directory premissions:
'help' > 'System info' > 'Directory Permissions'
All least these folders should be writeable:

  • administrator/components/
  • administrator/language/en-GB/
  • components/
  • tmp/

You can also enable the FTP layer and try to install again.

Error: 'Path does not point to a valid folder' 'Could not find a Joomla! XML setup file' 'File...does not exist'

You are probably dealing with a corrupt download. Both Symantec and McAfee are known to corrupt downloads with certain settings. They can also corrupt the extensions send and received by email. So try this: go to the download area, disable the firewall/virusscanner, download the file, enable the firewall/virusscanner.

How to update?

Install the component over any previous version using the Joomla installer. All settings will remain in the database.

Do I lose my settings and configuration when updating or upgrading?

No. All configuration and settings will remain in the database.

End faq

How to

How to check components language files?

To check component files, you need to check the backend and frontend files seperate. So first backend component files and backend language files, then the frontend files and frontend language files.

End faq

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