* -> Security Fix
# -> Bug Fix
+ -> Addition
^ -> Change
- -> Removed
! -> Note

Pages-and-Items 3.0.6

# some small bugs fixed on the 'managers' pages

Pages-and-Items 3.0.5

+ now works in PHP strict modus
# bug fixed in article 'save as copy' in Joomla 3.3.0
+ impossible to accidentally unpublish, trash or delete the homepage
# bug fixed in article save content plugin

Pages-and-Items 3.0.4

# bug fixed in fieldtype image
# bug fixed in fieldtype image gallery
# bug fixed in fieldtype image multisize

Pages-and-Items 3.0.3

# bug fixed in items-categories on joomla 3.2.2
+ reset version checker on update
# language files missing translation added

Pages-and-Items 3.0.2

~ compatibility with the changes in ACL system in Joomla 3.2.2

Pages-and-Items 3.0.1

# bug fixed in fieldtype image
# bug fixed in fieldtype image multisize

Pages-and-Items 3.0.0

+ now for Joomla 3!
+ works on PHP 5.4
+ change menu item type (thank you Micha)
+ delete tables on uninstall optional
~ version checker reset on update
~ workarounds added for issue with Joomla 2.5.10
+ now works with the Joomla extension updater
~ fieldtype link is updated (so update if you're using this fieldtype plugin)
~ itemtype image gallery is updated (so update if you're using this itemtype plugin)
~ itemtype php is updated (so update if you're using this itemtype plugin)
- itemtype google video (changed to youtube)
+ set default category for 'article new' in frontend menu-item
+ if 'article new' via frontend was redirected from com_content, respect its default category

Pages-and-Items 2.2.1

~ workarounds added for issue with Joomla 2.5.10
+ now works with the Joomla extension updater

Pages-and-Items 2.2.0

+ article manager (just like Joomla's article manager, but with CCK's)
+ default admin page (pages-and-items, categories-and-items or article-manager)
# bug fixed in custom field list
+ delete tables on uninstall

Pages-and-Items 2.1.6

+ basic Joomla ACL
+ preserve transparancy when resizing images when uploading transparent images in 3 fieldtypes and the itemtype 'image gallery'
+ system menu-types in menu-type selector when creating new page
~ version checker reset when updating
# bug fixed in category view
# bug fixed in updating 'other items' (dependent articles)
# bug fixed in fieldtype PHP
# bug fixed in installer
# bug fixed in saving and displaying cheatsheet code above editor

Pages-and-Items 2.1.5

# bug fixed in deleting a category in category-view
# bug fixed when creating a new article on a 'featured' page
# bug fixed when pressing 'cancel' when editting an item from the frontend
# bug fixed in creating category list page
+ integrated ACL for articles 'edit.own'
# bug fixed with CCK article updating with radiobutton option 3 selected
# bug fixed with editting articles from the frontend with SEF enabled

Pages-and-Items 2.1.4

# fixed bug so that new menuitem is correctly nested in menu
# fixed problem with saving category blog page in Joomla 2.5

Pages-and-Items 2.1.3

# bug fix for fieldtype image gallery

Pages-and-Items 2.1.2

# bug fixed in creating menuitem of type 'menualias'

Pages-and-Items 2.1.1

+ Joomla 2.5 ready
# bug fixed in rendering fieldtype image_multisize
# bug fixed in saving itemtype html

Pages-and-Items 2.1.0

# loads of small bugfixes
~ publish/unpublish nested menu-items like in the menu-manager
+ pagetype content_categories shows categories (optional)
+ category-items layout. Tree with categories on the left, articles on the right.
+ workaround to fix conflict with JCK editor
+ integration of Joomla's article checkin-checkout (optional)
- anchors to articles in content output

Pages-and-Items 2.0.0

~ MVC modelled
~ complete rebuild for Joomla 1.6-1.7
+ calendar speaks Joomla backend language
+ calendar fieldtype for CCK
- image popup for tinymce editor
- link popup for tinymce editor
# bug fixed in displaying HTML-code as characters in content
+ when trashing a page, optional trashing of related categories and items
+ when deleting a page, optional deletion of related categories and items
+ plugin installer
+ plugin manager
+ works with Joomla ACL from com_content and com_menu
+ extra ACL layer, just to make sure
+ translated in 53 languages

Pages-and-Items 1.5.7

# bug fixed with fieldtype image_multisize
+ auto image alt-text from filename option in fieldtype image_multisize

Pages-and-Items 1.5.6

~ alteration for PI!Fish (plugin for compatibility with JoomFish)

Pages-and-Items 1.5.5

+ workaround to send notifications to more then one emailadress (when used with AUA's workflow settings)
# bug fixed creating instances of articles from the frontend

Pages-and-Items 1.5.4

# bug fixed with JoomFish plugin
# bug fixed in date formats
+ output just alt text in fieldtype image_multisize

Pages-and-Items 1.5.3

# bug fix in saving cheatsheet info
# bug fixed in layout item edit on frontend
# bug fixed in html fieldtype when displaying textarea in the admin
~ acesef installed-checker
# bug fixed in submitting an article with only spaces in title
# bug fixed in article date stop publishing
+ fieldtype image_multisize upload 1 image with up to 5 different sizes

Pages-and-Items 1.5.2

# bug fixed in displaying HTML-code as characters in content
# bug fixed in displaying HTML-code as characters in fieldtype editor
# bug fixed in date formatting for items

Pages-and-Items 1.5.1

# bug fixed with page-selector when creating new item from the frontend

Pages-and-Items 1.5.0

+ SEF url creation with Acesef
# bug fixed in saving php-field data when new item is saved
# bug fixed in display image when editting in backend of image-field-type
+ images of image field get deleted when item id deleted, or field id deleted or (optional) itemtype is deleted
+ language Serbian
~ item-index cleanup improved
~ language Hungarian updated
+ page/category/section select at frontend when editting an item (optional to hook these to Admin-User-Access page/category/section access restrictions)
# rendering of author alias in customitemtypes
# frontend editting error fixed
# bug fixed in saving description and keywords with quotes
+ optional unique article alias generation
+ optional unique page alias generation (category and menu-item unique alias creation)
^ itemtype rendering with slight delay to not cripple live site
+ fieldtype image can now also handle png-file-format
+ on custom-itemtype-configuration-page a button to render the items of that itemtype
^ in image field type, when auto image-name to alt when left empty is active, that file-extension out
+ tool to make all menu-item-aliasses unique
# bug fixed in itemtype-field 'title' when using a single quote
+ optional trucation of itemtype title under 'Items on this page'
+ option in textarea-field-type to not convert newlines to br-tags
+ textarea field type has option to limit number of characters
+ fieldtype article rating
+ Serbian language
# bug fixed with disappearing section-id when moveing page

Pages-and-Items 1.4.6

# fixed bug in saving new editor-fields in custom-itemtypes
# fixed a problem with the ajax renderengine in some browsers
# fixed notices when editor buttons where disabled in the editor field config
+ language Portuguese
+ only offer to update custom itemtypes when there are items to update

Pages-and-Items 1.4.5

+ Joomfish compatible (for custom itemtypes you need extra plugins)
+ renderengine for custom-item-types now accepts properties in the field tags in the template editor. example {field_image_27 size=small}.
+ the above template-properties can be read in the output function of a custom itemtype field (function render_field_output) $this->template_property($field,$property)
+ in the PHP-fieldtype you can now use $database
# fixed bug in downloading zip files in IE
+ option to auto fill alt text with image source in fieldtype image
# fixed bug in saving and displaying plugin's cheatsheet code above the editors
+ fieldtype radio title hide configurable
~ language French has been updated
# bug fixed in saving double and single quotes in various custom-item-type field types.
+ when deleting custom itemtypes optional deletion of all items of that itemtype.
+ extra buttons on custom-item-type-config-page to add field-codes (thank you Michael)
+ language Brazilian_portuguese
+ check image-type before upload in image-field type for custom item types
+ 'item publish' rights configurable for 'author' and 'editor' (can be overruled by workflow settings in component Admin-User-Access)
# fixed errors in frontend editting of 'other item'-itemtype items
+ after saving an article from the frontend optional redirect to article in full view or category-blog view
+ Pages-and-Items now works together with the Joomla caching system
+ validation of custum-itemtype-names and custom-itemtype-field-names with javascript
# fixed bug in frontend editting new item from page of section-blog type
+ custom redirect after item submission from frontend
+ use conditions in custom item-type template {if_field_text_27}display this{/if_field_text_27} (thank you Hichhiker)
+ ajax updater for custom itemtype items (to prevent time-outs with the previous render-script)
+ language Chinese
+ on page-edit-page item order to match order as set in page properties.

Pages-and-Items 1.4.4

# bug fixed in custom-itemtype-field image, when uploading images with the same file-name (overwritten). Bug has been in there since version 1.4.0.

Pages-and-Items 1.4.3

# bugfix section selector
+ 'save' and 'cancel' buttons also at bottom of the page when editing an item (frontend and backend)

Pages-and-Items 1.4.2

+ item-property 'read more' link text configurable (like language-field)
+ show/hide page properties
+ page alias property (for SEF-urls)
# fieldtype HTML now also saves HTML in the configuration's default field
+ Greek language
+ Romanian language
+ Bulgarian language
+ hide item-properties optional for super administrators
+ credits added in configtab to thank all contributors to the project
^ config now in database for easy updating and compatibility with Joomla Multi Sites

Pages-and-Items 1.4.0

+ itemtypes can now be installed as Joomla plugins. They can be simple (like itemtype Youtube) or advanced (like itemtype Image gallery) with its own configuration, language files for backend and/or frontend, as many frontend- and/or admin-pages as you like, just like a full size component.
+ the custom itemtype field PHP is integrated in PI, with which you can use php in a custom-itemtype-field to generate content 'on the fly' as well as 'on save'.
# various smallish bugs
+ custom itemtype field 'editor' height of editor can be set in field config
# sublevels in table menu
+ option in fieldtype 'image' configuration to output only the image source
+ option in fieldtype 'image' configuration to choose the directory the images are uploaded to
+ new language French
# unlocker for item-editting frontend

Pages-and-Items 1.3.2

^ system-plugin has been replaced by a module because of problems some Joomla installations seem to have with the onBeforeDisplayContent-event.
+ show/hide of each item property can be set in the configuration
+ compatibility for about 30 new workflow-rights with Admin-User-Access

Pages-and-Items 1.3.1

# bug fixed in version-check when used together with Admin-User-Access. Warning is outdated and harmless, but really annoying nevertheless.


Pages-and-Items 1.3.0

+ frontend editting, also for custom itemtypes
+ new custom item type render engine (does not render on the fly, but renders whenever a custom item, the itemtypes config or one of the itemtypes fields is saved, which greatly improves performance at the frontend)
+ other itemtype (is integrated) lets you make instances of articles so you can use the same article in more then 1 category, while keeping them in perfect sync.
^ some code optimizations for faster frontend-loading
+ custom itemtype fields now also have a description, which editors will see while editting
+ plugin-syntax-code cheatsheet above each editor
+ German language
+ Danish language
+ read more options customitemtypes
+ plugin buttons under editor field type for custom-item-types (optional)
+ dynamic fields (output gets rendered on the fly, like item-hits)
+ 14 field-types are fully integrated, another 5 custom-itemtype-field-plugins can be downloaded, and installed as a Joomla plugin.

Pages-and-Items 1.2.0

+ custom item types

Pages-and-Items 1.1.0

+ support for section restrictions when working together with Admin-User-Access.

# itemtype was not visible in breadcrumb when moving item.

# itemtype config save inserted no-direct-access code only for Joomla 1.0.x

+ support for item (article) restriction when working together with Admin-User-Access.

# images did not show in image-popup

# in link popup download-upload option did not show

^ link-downloads popup is workable even when old popup size is still stuck in cache

^ images popup is workable even when old popup size is still stuck in cache

^ config in tabs

+ version checking when used with Admin-User-Access

- access-levels with downloads

Pages-and-Items 1.0.0

Pages-and-Items 1.0.0 was first released on 30 juli 2008.
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