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# -> Bug Fix
+ -> Addition
^ -> Change
- -> Removed
! -> Note

Plugin pure css tooltip 3.0.1

+ now works in PHP strict modus

Plugin pure css tooltip 3.0.0

+ now for Joomla 3
+ uses the Joomla extension updater
~ changed default border color to match default Joomla 3 (blue)

Plugin pure css tooltip version 2.0.1

+ workaround added for com_finder indexer

Plugin pure css tooltip version 2.0.0

+ for Joomla 1.6
~ MVC modelled

Plugin pure css tooltip version 1.0.2

+ only loads css when there is a tooltip on the page
+ better performance
+ optional classname, so you can make different kinds of tooltips
+ optional href, so you can make a tooltip link to something
+ optional target, so when you link to something you can define the target

Plugin pure css tooltip version 1.0.1

+ the IE6 workround is now included in the plugin, and does no longer have to be pasted into a template's header manually.
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