Installation / update

What are the system requirements?

  • Joomla 1.5 or 2.5 or 3 fully and correct installed
  • PHP 5 or later

Error: 'Could not create directory, Warning! Failed to move file'

Check your directory premissions:
'help' > 'System info' > 'Directory Permissions'
All least these folders should be writeable:

  • administrator/components/
  • administrator/language/en-GB/
  • components/
  • plugins/
  • plugins/system/
  • plugins/user/
  • tmp/

You can also enable the FTP layer and try to install again.

Error: 'Path does not point to a valid folder' 'Could not find a Joomla! XML setup file' 'File...does not exist'

You are probably dealing with a corrupt download. Both Symantec and McAfee are known to corrupt downloads with certain settings. They can also corrupt the extensions send and received by email. So try this: go to the download area, disable the firewall/virusscanner, download the file, enable the firewall/virusscanner. If you are on a network when you can not disable the fireall/virusscanner, there is no orther option but to download the extension using another computer.

How to update?

  1. Download the component.
    free- and trial-version
  2. Install the component over the old component (no need to uninstall first).
    This will also install the 2 Redirect-on-Login plugins (system and user)

If you get an install error, there is probably a right issue with the files and folders. In that case, try installing with the FTP-layer enabled.

If the component installs well, but not the 2 plugins, you can install those seperately.

If you are updating from free- to trial-version, or trial- to pro-version, just install the new version over the old version.

All configuration and settings will remain in the database.


Do I lose my settings and configuration when updating or upgrading?

No. All configuration and settings will remain in the database.

If you are updating from free- to trial-version, or trial- to pro-version, just install the new version over the old version.

End faq


Login after no-access does not go to previous page

A not logged in user tries to go to a restricted page, then logs in but does not get redirected to the page the user was trying to get to. If you want the user to go back to the previous page, configure this in the Redirect-on-Login configuration at 'Login after no access to page' select 'to the page'.

If that does not work AND you got Community Builder installed, you need to edit the CB settings.
Community Builder has a plugin which actually destroys the return url. To stop community builder from doing that:

  1. go to the plugin manager
  2. open the plugin 'Community Builder System plugin'
  3. go to tab 'Parse URLs'
  4. at 'Pass Return URLs' select 'disabled'
  5. click 'save and close'

I have blocked all backend access, now I can not login anymore. How to fix this?

  1. Use FTP and rename this file:
    This will disable all redirections and also the blocking of the access to /administrator.
  2. Then login and change your settings. Make sure at least one super-administrator is not blocked.
  3. Rename the file back to plugin_user.php

The redirect from another extension is used, not the redirect as set in Redirect-on-Login.

There are 2 things you can do:

  1. Disable the redirection from the other extension, or disable that extension.
    Then only the redirects as set in Redirect-on-Login will be used.
  2. In the plugin-manager, filter on 'user'-plugins and make sure the Joomla!-plugin is first in order and the Redirect-on-Login user-plugin is second in order.
    Then the redirect as set in Redirect-on-Login will override the other extensions redirect. When redirect is set to 'normal' (in 'configuration' AND 'usergroup' or 'accesslevel' AND 'user') then the redirect as set in the other extension will be used.

The redirect goes to the profile page instead of the configured redirect.

You probably are redirecting to a (SEF) url which does not exist in Joomla. ROL redirects to the correct url (see in the adress-bar of your browser), but Joomla does not recognize the (SEF) url, and displays the default, which is the users profile page.

To solve this:

  1. Create a menu-item or url to which you want to redirect
  2. Go to the menu-item/url in your browser
  3. Copy the url and paste as the url to redirect to in ROL


Error when using a dynamic redirect

  • Please double check that in the dynamic redirect the $redirect_url is NOT a SEF url. The redirect_url should be a non-sef url. Example: 'index.php?option=com_something&view=something&Itemid=23'
  • Make sure the user has access to the page you are redirecting to, else you get a 403-error.
  • When creating a link from content to a dynamic redirect make sure you are using the right url to the dynamic redirect.
    Example: 'index.php?option=com_redirectonlogin&view=dynamicredirect&id=12' (where 12 is the id of the redirect).

Site is offline, redirect does not work

If your site is currently disabled, to access your site there is a login. To enter a disabled site the user would have to be assigned to any of the admin-groups to get Joomla access. This makes it very hard to test ROL at this stage, particulary when you are trying to test the redirects from users assigned to usergroups which only have frontend access.

To test this, you can temporarily assign a test-user also to group 'administrator' so the user will be allowed to log into the disabled site.Please note that a user can be assigned to more then one group, in that case the redirect of the group highest in order on the ROL > 'usergroups' page is used. So to get a test going, set the order of 'administrator' to 200, so the redirect for the (frontend) group is used instead of the redirect for 'administrator'.
If you want to create a link where the user is not redirected, use this in the url: 'rol=no'.
Like this:
This can be used for links from newsletters etc. to not redirect when opening the site/logging in/logging out.

Redirect to current page, but not when that is the login-page?

If you want the user to stay on the same page during login, except for on the login-page.

you can make a dynamic redirect which contains this code:

$redirect_url = $current_url;
if(strpos($current_url, 'index.php/login')){
$redirect_menuitem_id = 438;

The redirect goes to the current page, but if the url contains 'index.php/login' (change to the url your site uses for the login page) the redirect goes to some other page.

Override blocked login message in the language manager

To override the message when a user is blocked from logging in:
  1. go to 'extensions' > 'Language Manager' > 'Overrides'
  2. select the language you want to set the override for (site)
  3. click 'new'
  4. enter the 'language constant'
    when blocking login at the frontend that is COM_REDIRECTONLOGIN_YOU_CANT_LOGIN_FRONTEND
    when blocking login at the backend that is COM_REDIRECTONLOGIN_YOU_CANT_LOGIN_BACKEND
  5. enter the text to override
  6. click 'save & close'
You can set an override per language.

Redirect 'when opening site' does not seem to work

The redirect when opening the site is triggered when the site is opened in a new browser session. So if you already had the site open in your browser-window, close the window and any other window of the same browser (or else the session is still there). Then open the browser again and go to your site. The 'redirect on opening the site' is then triggered.

Language changes when user is logging in

In the Joomla plugin manager > plugin 'Syetem - Language Filter' in the configuration at 'Automatic Language Change' might be set to 'yes'. So when the user is logging in, the selected language is changed to the language as set in the user-manager for that user. If no language is set there, the sites default language will be used.

If you don't want the users selected language to change when they login, make sure 'Automatic Language Change' is set to 'no'.

More elaborate messages when login is blocked

You can configure more elaborate messages when a user is blocked by creating a dynamic redirect.

See 'dynamic redirects' > 'new' example 11 and 14.

$message = 'Hello '.$user_name.' you can't login here.';
$logout = 1; 
$redirect_url = $current_url;

End faq

Pre/post sale

On how many website can I use the pro-version?

There is no limit. Use it on as many sites as you like.

Is the pro-version encrypted?


Does the pro-version need Ioncube?

No. The pro version is un-encrypted and does not need Ioncube. Only the time-limited trial-version uses encryption.

Is there a trial-version available?

Yes. You can download the trial-version on the project page. You can use this extension unlimited on localhost. If used online it can be used for a few weeks.

The trial version need Ioncube to run on your server.

free-version pro-version, what is the difference?

With Redirect-on-Login you can set redirects for:

compat 25 compat 30

Frontend redirect on login    
for all users x x
per usergroup (if user is assigned to 1 usergroup) x x
per usergroup (if user is assigned to more then 1 usergroup)   x
per accesslevel (if user is assigned to 1 accesslevel) x x
per accesslevel(if user is assigned to more then 1 accesslevel)   x
per user   x
Backend redirect on login    
for all users   x
per usergroup (any number)   x
per user   x
Redirects on logout   x

joomla 1.5

Frontend redirect on login    
for all users x x
per usergroup x x
per user   x
Backend redirect on login    
for all users   x
per usergroup   x
per user   x
Redirects on logout   x

I purchased this extension, how to download?

After payment is confirmed you login and click in the right column on 'my extensions'. Then click on your purchase and download the files.

End faq

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