Can I set restrictions for users instead of groups/accesslevels?

No. Rights can only be applied to Joomla groups/accesslevels and not to individual users.

Not all of the restriction/configuration-settings are saved?

You saved restriction-settings or the configuration-page, but not all settings are saved.

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Users get 'no access' when they should have access

First check if the user is really assigned to the correct groups/accesslevels on page 'users'.

Second. Check which restriction type is restricting access and double check the rights settings.

Check in the Access-Manager configuration which of the restriction-types are activated. Disable one and try again. If the user still has no access, disable another restriction-type. Keep going untill the user gets access. Keep enable/disable-ing restriction types until you know which restriction-type is preventing access.

Double check if the group/level has the correct rights.

Note that rights can be reversed per restriction-type. So that a selected content-group/level become a restriction instead of a access right.

There could be overlapping restrictions ('article access' and 'category access'). So read carefully in the configuration for the restriction type.

Note that users can be assigned to more then one group. You can configure per restriction-type how Access-Manager should deal with access in those cases. So read carefully in the configuration at 'multigroup access requirement'.

Do not just refresh the page with the no-access message to test page-access. That page won't change when the user has access to whichever page you were redirected from. So better test with visibility of menu-items in a menu.

Where do I start? I don't understand how to start configuring this.

There are so many different ways you can configure Access-Manager, it is just impossible to create a step by step manual for each of them. Start with only one restriction-type ('article access') as access rights can overlap and get really complicated. So build up rights one at a time and read the configuration options very carefully. It is easy to totally disable your site with a few clicks. However, this is a basic example to see how this works:

  1. Go to the frontend of the site and view the frontpage when not logged in. Take note of the title of one article.
  2. Go to 'configuration' and set 'based on' to 'usergroups', if that is not set already and click 'save'.
  3. Go to 'article access'.
  4. In the configuration-slider, enable the access-type and select 'reverse access' and click 'save'.
  5. Select the one article from the frontpage for usergroup 'public'.
    As access is reserved, the group will NOT have access to the article.
  6. Go to the frontpage and refresh the page (F5). Note that the article is not displayed anymore.

Component access backend

You can use Joomla ACL to restrict access to components admin pages. These rights need to be set per component. 

  1. login as a superadministrator
  2. go to the components admin page
  3. click in the toolbar on 'options' > tab 'permissions'
  4. set rights to 'Access Administration Interface' per group
  5. do that for each component you want to restrict access to

If you find this too much work AND for the component which do not have the Joomla ACL integrated yet, you can use Access-Managers edit-component-restrictions.

These rights do respect and not override Joomla. Backend component access only restricts access additionally to the Joomla ACL and component restrictions. If the group has no access rights from the component and Joomla, Access-Manager can not give access. 

If the user has no access to the component from Access-Manager, the component will still show in the Joomla menu under 'components' as long as the user has Joomla ACL access.

To create a custom admin menu for your administrators, you can use Admin-Menu-Manager and show the Joomla admin menu only to group 'super users'.

Users get access when they should have 'no access'

First check if the user is really assigned to the correct groups/levels. See AM > 'users'.

Then go to the AM admin-page for the restriction type and double check that the groups/levels have the correct rights.

Note that in some restriction-type the access can be reversed. So that a selected group/level becomes a restriction instead of a access right.

'article access' and 'category access' do overlap if both of these restriction-types are enabled. So read carefully in the AM > articles/categories > configuration at 'article-access and category-access used together'.

Note that users can be assigned to more then one group/level. You can configure per restriction-type how AM should deal with access in those cases at 'multigroup access requirement'.

Show a menu-item the user has no access to

Access-Manager hides all menu-items in the menu the user has no access to. If you want to show such a menu-item anyway, create a menu-item of type 'alias' and make it go to the restricted menu-item. Set rights so the user can see the alias.

Downloads access rights

Access-Manager does not deal with restricting access to downloads. You can set access to the article with the download-link, but the direct download link to the actual file will not be restricted.

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