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11 years 4 months ago #839 by nf1
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This wish is more like a little child's wish for Christmas present :laugh: but anyway, here it is:

It would be great to have the feature to build advanced search for the catalogs made by Pages and Items. I know that currently the items are like "regular" joomla articles and are indexed by the joomla's search engine. I'm talking about advanced search. For example - you have item type for making a car catalog. This item type has the following fields:

car maker, model, build year, mileage, paint color, etc. It would be great to have the ability to build such a custom search box with defined fields and then a user to just go and search for a Porsche, 911 turbo, 2009, under 5000km for example.

Like I said, this is like a child present for Christmas rather than a simple wish, but it would be great to have, and just wanted to share my thoughts.

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11 years 4 months ago #840 by carsten888
Replied by carsten888 on topic Re:search component/module
That thought has crossed my mind. I'm sort of hoping someone who needs this functionality will build a plugin or module and share it.

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10 years 9 months ago #2163 by nf1
Replied by nf1 on topic Re:search component/module
Hi I tried to make something like a specification for the search functionality that I'm eager to see in PI. I know it's rough but it's a start and if we all take a moment we could make it better. I understand that such functionality is something big and I'm willing to donate 200 euros for it's development (I know it's not much but again, if someone serious is willing to develop it I think that there will be others that need this functionality and will be willing to donate). So here's my initial thoughts on the search for PI:

Search - back-end

* ability to create unlimited search items
* every search item should have its own id
* there should a template option to style the search items like any other item type. there should be template option for a module also
* option to configure the filter - add/delete/edit fields for the search filter

new field (add field) data:

* choice of filter type - filter by "page", by field DB, range filter (by field DB), option to manually add the list of options that the user will filter against
o if the user chooses "filter by page" - additional option to choose the top PI page or joomla section, ability to manually list pages ids (comma separated) (for both exclusion/inclusion)
o for field - choice of the field name/id/content type
* for each of the types we should have the ability to choose the type of filter - drop down menu, check box, radio button, text field, range *connection between search fields (AND/OR/...)

Search - Frontend:

* the search should be visible as a header for a "page"
* if we have a search field type - filter by category, and we enter a child category - the filter should be auto filled
* if the user reloads the page or hit search - the already entered search criteria must not be deleted.
* on the results page - to have the text - found X offers
* AJAX search?

* module for search Joomla - choose the id of the search item type

Here are some screenshots:

Another way for doing this is to integrate "search option" for appropriate fields in PI custom itemtype, add one more field for template (the search template). Here's example for that:

I guess I don't need to mention that I'll be very happy if Carsten has time and wants to do it as this is his baby and personally I think that this is the best component of it's kind for Joomla :).

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