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file Using Access Manager to gain access to certain pages within a Component

8 years 2 weeks ago #8339 by carsten888

I have Joomla 2.5 so that article is worthless as its for 1.6

The url is strange, but the title of the page is:

Access Control List/2.5/Tutorial

Is that article referring to Access Mgr or to Joomla itself?

joomla. You might want to read it.

So at this point Access Mgr is worthless as its not doing what its supposed to.

As I told you, Access Manager is not supose to do that. It is simply not functionality this extension covers.

This access to VM Admins is in the VM settings somewhere then? Where? Please tell me.

As I told you, I can not find it, ask on the VM forum or Joomla forum.

What I am trying to point out here is that even with Access Mgr giving people that are listed as Admin's the ability to see VM, they can see VM but when they go to the Orders page, its blank.

Yes that is totally clear now. Access Manager can restrict access to the whole of the component. When it gives access, that does not mean it overrides Joomla ACL or component specific ACL (as it says on the admin page Access Manager > 'backend component access'. Please read.

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