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1 month 3 weeks ago #11301 by Mendel Benaroch
Menu Link was created by Mendel Benaroch


1) How can I create a link in the main menu of the type:


Or does the 'user-name' change depending on the logged in user?

Because I have a different home page for each user. and for the moment the user must disconnect and then reconnect to return to his own home page (there is no link)

2) when i use dynamic redirection i have this error:0Call to undefined function geoip_open()

Thnkas for your help

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1 month 3 weeks ago #11302 by carsten888
Replied by carsten888 on topic Menu Link
1. In Redirect-on-login you can create a script to create any user-specific url you want. But you might also want to look at pointing towards the component/menu-type which generates those user-specific pages. Might be that if you link to the component, the user specific page might be loading anyway. 

2. Sounds like the helper-file in ROL for checking the users ip might be damaged or missing. You can download the latest version and instell it over your current version to update and make sure the file is there.

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