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exclamation-circle Broken images and pdf links

6 years 4 months ago - 6 years 4 months ago #10005 by Boumy
Broken images and pdf links was created by Boumy

Thank you for your neat component.

For the first time of my "long" carrier with Joomla, I have made a multilingual site. So far so good.

And "Of course", I use JCE as text editor. ;)

But within your component in the help page editor, when I place an image it gets a broken url once the help page is saved and displayed as it.

The same behavior happens with links to .pdf files. The "reason" is simple: by default JCE writes relative links. This doesn't create trouble within all my site. But within "Administrator help pages", the browser tends to seek for images and .pdf to www.mysite.com/activelanguage/images/photo.jpg instead of www.mysite.com/images/photo.jpg

And I don't know why. I have tried to set those help pages to the default language of the site or to let them in language: all. This doesn't help.

The only workaround is to ask JCE to write only absolute paths. But this setting is administrator edition wide.

Do you have a better idea?

Thank you very much.

My config:
PHP 5.4.38
MySQL 5.1.73
Joomla! 3.4.3
Admin-Help-Pages version= 1.3.0 (free version)
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6 years 4 months ago #10008 by carsten888
Replied by carsten888 on topic Broken images and pdf links
Yes that would be an JCE-editor issue. Please post this on their forum.

I get something similar. The image shows correct in the editor (images/stories/image.jpg), but in the helpscreen it is broken. In the editor, also after saving, the relative path is used. Even thou in /administrator/ it displays the image correctly as if the admin page is in the root. So I'm sure JCE does some sort of javascript magic to do this and will probably know the solution to this issue.

Please post back their answer. I'm sure that will be usefull information to more users.

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6 years 3 months ago #10025 by Boumy
Replied by Boumy on topic Broken images and pdf links
Following the advice of JCE dev, I have tried with TinyMCE.

With it, it's even worse because every link is deleted once the article is saved. Even images tags are deleted! But there must be something wrong with my site because even in others Joomla articles, links and images disappear when I use TinyMCE. :(

I made a try with CodeMirror "editor, then links and image tags are correctly saved. And images display is not broken when the page is viewed. And pdf links are fine too.

To figure out what was the problem with TinyMCE, I have tried to instal Admin-Menu-Manager on another of my sites. This other site has a different version of Joomla 3. But soon after the installation was done (not right after), I realized that most of my admin component menu items were gone! I don't know which was the guilty action that did so but I restored the site and didn't dare to make a new test. Maybe I'll make one on the subdomain one day…

Meanwhile, the workaround is to copy an unpublished article html code generated by JCE, then to switch editor to CodeMirror and then paste and Save the AAM article.

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